Redeeming rewards, one journey at a time

Redeeming rewards, one journey at a time


The Eye of the Designer is a design‑centric audit to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience across a customer journey. Each audit is accompanied by a blue‑sky concept designed to stretch our creative problem‑solving.

My Role

I led two episodes of The Eye of the Designer, a design review to identify opportunities within the Hudson’s Bay Rewards program.


The Problem

The Bay’s reward program worked well in-store, but the manual method of converting points to dollars online at checkout kept 13% of customers from redeeming their rewards.

The Review

I identified opportunities by applying accessibility, behavioural design, interaction design, information architecture, and visual design principles to each journey.

  • 146 opportunities found
  • 28 design principles broken
  • 79% drop-off rate when signing up for the rewards program
Screenshots of the The Bay's reward journey

The Concept

What if we could make redeeming rewards an interactive, long-term journey by providing customers with what they value? A little bit of research uncovered two crucial archetypes, the saver and the spender.

The goal oriented shopperThe earn and burn shopperLoyalty program surprise and delight

The Final Design

Grounded in behavioural design principles, I was able to design an experience that focused on making it easy for both our customer archetypes to redeem points and enjoy moments of surprise and delight.

Hudson's Bay Rewards app prototype

A refreshed rewards program

  • Quickly see how many points you have and your membership status
  • Scan your rewards card in‑store
  • View your point history
Hudson's Bay Rewards app prototype

A super powered wishlist

  • Add items to your wishlist and quickly turn them into savings goals
  • Earn points and save up to meet your goal
  • Buy your wishlist item with points
Hudson's Bay Rewards app prototype

An easy way to redeem points

  • Always know how many points you have
  • Quickly redeem points in increments
  • See how many points you earn with every purchase

The Next Steps

With two episodes of The Eye of the Designer complete, we had plenty of opportunities to add to our teams’ backlog.

Team objectives